Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dog on wheels

A couple of times recently I have seen woman taking her dog for a walk in a local park. This is not unusual. A lot of people take their dogs for walks. What is unusual about this dog is that it has four legs and two wheels.

When the dog runs, its back legs run, too, only the back feet don't quite touch the ground. They brush the ground sometimes, but there is no weight on them.

The dog doesn't seem to notice this. The dog apparently thinks everything is working just fine.

And so it is.


Angeline Larimer said...

Cute little guy.

kenju said...

I have seen dachshunds over here who have rear leg paralysis from spinal problems and they have wheels like that. I think it's ingenious!

Diana H. said...

How good someone cares for him and he can go for walks. He´s so cute. Lovely.

alpharat said...

The thing that really makes me happy is that it's obvious that someone loves and treasures this dog enough to deal with his disabilities, rather than... you know.