Sunday, June 28, 2009

Snakes, wallabies, and practical jokes

Yesterday The Man told me that when he was parking his bicycle in the garden he saw a snake. A snake! In our tiny little garden!

It was not a white snake. In Japan it is good luck to have a white snake in the garden. Our snake is an ordinary shimahebi, like the one I photographed down by the river one time. The Man said he thought it was about a meter long, or perhaps a bit longer. He said it was startled and ran away (well, not ran exactly, but you know what I mean) when it saw him.

I did not ask him if he screamed, but I expect he did, and that's why I haven't seen it, although I have been looking.

In other wildlife news, in Australia wallabies have been playing practical jokes on poppy farmers. Crop circles! Naughty, naughty wallabies. Naughty, naughty STONED wallabies.

Also, speaking of practical jokes, tonight I have been enjoying some of the videos on Improv Everywhere. They have been making me smile.


Mr Curley said...

Driving through these areas - there are a lot of opium fields south of Devonport on Tassie's north coast, for example - I've never seen any crop circles or wallabies looking groggy; but I have sat in the car and gazed at the beauty of the fields...

Ah... the poppies... ! :-)

torrygirl said...

I suspect that they're not really high - they're just using it as an excuse to do a bit of crazy hopping around!