Thursday, January 01, 2009

Okaasan needs a new dentist

When we visited Okaasan this New Year, she gave us a bit of a fright when she opened the door. She appeared to have aged about fifteen years since the last time we saw her. She was OLD. She looked every minute of her eighty-one years.

We went inside, and after a few minutes of chatting she giggled and asked if she looked and sounded funny. "You can't understand me properly, can you?" she said. "My teeth hurt, so I took them out."

She didn't sound funny, or at least no funnier than usual, but that did explain the the way her face had collapsed.

She took her teeth out of a cup, popped them back in, and instantly dropped fifteen years. It was amazing to see, especially because it was only four teeth. Even more surprising was that when she started to talk again, she had acquired a lisp.

Thee told uth that when thee was eating dinner thee kept thome thithorth bethide her plate, to cut up the bitth of food thee was having trouble chewing becauthe her teeth hurt.

We made her promise to go to a new, better dentist.