Thursday, October 13, 2005

He must have cheated

Village Idiot
tagged me with what has turned out to be a really awful meme. He told me I have to go back through my archives and find the fifth line of the twenty-third post I wrote, and post it. Coincidentally, this happens to be one of the most boring I have ever written:

"It's historical, sure, but so is practically every place in Japan."

I thought of cheating and making up something better. Who is going to go back and check? I thought. Then I thought maybe somebody would, and expose me as a blog fraud (oh, the shame!), and then I thought of cheating by editing the post so that the fifth line of the twenty-third post said something scintillating. But I couldn't be bothered.

That would make a good epitaph for me, actually. She couldn't be bothered.

Come to think of it, I suspect Village Idiot of cheating. Who could COINCIDENTALLY come up with such a great fifth line of the twenty-third post? I didn't check. I can't be bothered, but I think somebody should, quick, before he catches on to the editing trick.


Michael Turner said...

Oh, I rather like it. It sums up a certain Japan-weariness, and for me, it's perfect, because I've long since worn out "Seen one temple, seen 'em all." I need a new way to convey my lofty ennui.

Michael Turner

Ms Vile File said...

Mine is ... "The only person ever permitted to arrive late for a wedding is the bride.", which tempted me to cheat as well.

The Village Idiot said...


If you do a little research you'll see that the tag actually came to me from Hanni, so I had no control over the fact that it was the 5th line of the 23rd whatever, but I did actually say "WOW!" when I saw what a great line I had lurking there.

Which is my secret, I write every sentence as if someone some day might ask me to post it individually on its own, which is why I love appositives and run-on sentences, just to be sure I get a sentence that can stand on its own and stand the test of time, like Fourscore and Seven Years at least.

then again, "It's historical, sure, but so is practically every place in Japan." is nice too.

(Insert Big Idiot Grin here)
Forever Your Fan,
The Idiot