Sunday, October 16, 2005

Become happy everybody probably

I stole these shamelessly from my students' backs, disconcerting them by standing behind them and scribbling in my notebook, giggling:

It is able to become happy everybody probably, when many circle and heart gather.

No wonder they find English incomprehensible. So do I.

The one time G-child prepapers to come into full-fledged.
Handle at your own


I had a haircut today. I told my hairdresser how happy I was to be finally getting it cut.

"It's getting really long and straggly," I said. "I can't even remember when you cut it last."

"February," she said promptly.

She keeps records? How embarrassing! I thought it might have been April, or possibly March, but FEBRUARY?

Then she added,

"Time is frying."

Actually, my hairdresser's pronunciation of English is extremely good. She pronounces her rs and ls perfectly. She just forgets where they go, sometimes.

She did a great job on my hair. Now when I wear it down I look like a normal person instead of a scruffy, aging hippie.


doris said...

I have my hair cut so rarely too and then wonder how it grows so long and so fast.... but really I'm not cutting and that is why. I feel so much better for my cut and hope you do too :-)

Pkchukiss said...

On the other hand, I just went for a near-shave of my head, like how they used to do it to new recruits into the army.

Now wherever I go, people would mistake me (who will end service in just under 175 days) with a newbie who has 600 over days to go.