Friday, July 09, 2010

Misleading sign

What this sign SHOULD say:

"Flushing will be carried out when you sit down. It will be carried out again when you are having a deeply thoughtful moment, possibly two or three times. It will NOT, however, be carried out as you leave, unless you are having a particularly lucky day, You may as well have that smoke."


kenju said...

So funny. I hate the automatic toilets when they don't work - but they are great when they do! I also hate it when they work too much!!

Keera Ann Fox said...


I think that that flushing business before you've even begun to do business is a feature, not a bug. It's a friendly warning that I soon will be negotiating with a toilet.

Curley said...

No no no - the flushing before is so noone can hear you pee.

Just as there's no BO in Japan, noone pees either. Well, blokes after a few beers do, they pee just anywhere, but noone really pees - the preflushing drowns out the gentle tinkling sounds...

In a world running short of water!