Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How to pick your nose

I took this picture in my local supermarket, next to the checkout. It is not, in fact, instructions on how to pick your nose (as my friend suggested when I sent it to him).

But can you guess what it is?


tobeornot said...

A lipstick? Yeah, it must be a glossy lipstick (it's clear from the second picture, isn't it?:)

I need to Get !! one, too.

Dávid said...

Is it something to help you breath more easily? Or an aid to help you quit smoking? Or chewing gum?!!!

Curley said...

Yep, looks like a smoking substitute doesn't it... but David's right, it's a chewing gum. By Lotte.

Googling "Fits" Air Mint tosses up:

"Lotte's new gum, Fit's, recorded bang-up sales right out of the gate, thanks to a YouTube campaign for which everyday people sent in videos of themselves dancing to the incredibly catchy Fit's jingle...

Confidence high from unbridled success, Lotte has decided to quietly drop a new flavor of Fit's into the mix: Air Mint. I'd like to be able to claim that Lotte is behind this elegant linguistic innovation -- a light mint being called an "air mint" -- but apparently, French brand Verquin got there first.

Our verdict? It takes exactly like "air mint." The overall flavor is a wintergreen peppermint with a slight trace of menthol. This clears the palette nicely without committing aggravated assault on your tongue like Black Black. There are also faint and mysterious traces of vanilla in the early chews.

Most impressively, the gum settles into a highly chewable, velvety-soft putty that retains its flavor over a long period of time. We could make a lot of digs with the 'air' tag -- e.g., "This airhead flavor is a featherweight in the gum category" -- but, no, it's a very good gum."

Great pic though! First thing I do visiting Japan next month is cruise into a Family Mart and check an Air Mint out... :-)