Friday, August 14, 2009


Yesterday I visited a friend who recently adopted a very small kitten she found outside her apartment. He was only about two weeks old when she found him, and she had to feed him special kitten formula with a syringe. He has now graduated to soft food, and is doing very well. I think he is about a month old, now.

I tried to take pictures of him, but he was very hard to photograph. He was still a little wobbly on his feet but seemed to get around rather quickly all the same, often sideways, as if he hasn't quite got control of his legs yet. This makes him look slightly drunk, which is endearing in a very small kitten.

I thought he'd be easy to photograph, but he wasn't. I'd focus on his face and discover that I'd taken a picture like this:

I managed to get one reasonable photo from directly above him...

... but couldn't get down to his level to take a decent shot, because when I did, he galloped towards me, all sideways and wobbly. Or else he was behind something.

In most of the pictures I took he was either blurred or washing his bottom.

Oh, well. Perhaps I should just stick to photographing birds.


Keera Ann Fox said...

I had a cat for a 14 years and all I got were pictures of her butt or of her washing her butt or of the back of her head or of her sleeping with every recognizable part of her face buried under paws.

So it's not (just) you. But what pictures you did get of the kitty show the little squirt to be quite the cutie!

Tony said...

Being a true cat person myself, I think you absolutely captured the spirit of the kitten and presented an excellent portrayal of what it means to be so cute and alive. Your photos ROCK!

kenju said...

What Tony said!! What a cute kitten he is. (Of course, I've never seen one I didn't think was cute)