Sunday, February 15, 2009

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera

It's a gorgeous spring-like day here. I've just been out in it, and passing a little park near here spotted something that was sad and comical all at once. A pigeon had somehow managed to get a plastic bag attached to its leg, and was flying very slowly across the park, plastic bag billowing out behind. It looked like a parasailor going the wrong way, and had to flap REALLY HARD to make any headway.

I wanted to tell it to stop flapping. The wind was probably enough to keep it airborne, although then it would have been going backwards. Or down, slowly. There isn't much wind today.

If it had landed on the ground I might have been able to try to help, but it landed rather awkwardly on a power line and started pecking at its foot. It showed no inclination to move from there, so after waiting a while I left.


kenju said...

That's so sad for the bird. I hope he was able to get rid of it eventually.

Keera Ann Fox said...

What Kenju said.