Sunday, December 07, 2008

The great shrink

Today I was checking homework, and discovered that one of my students had visited the Yasaka Shrink.

There must be something about that place that causes students' brains to become muddled.


Hebron said...

How many does that make now?

Curley said...

Formal (amused) objection: the Gion (Yasaha) Shrine is a great place - not at all likely to shrink anything except a gaksei's English vocab!

The britannica photo is a bit strange though - pagoda's are for relics, relics are from dead people, Shinto eschews anything touching on illness or death. Surely that's Toji temple's pagoda in the foreground of that pic (general principle: in any picture of Kyoto, Toji's pagoda will feature... ;-)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Sort of like how, no matter how many times it's hammered into their heads, Norwegians will still get V and W mixed up in English (in Norwegian, the two sound the same), and they also try to sound the c. They'll therefore tell you that a popular 80's TV-show was called "Miami Wise".