Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yesterday I wore my favourite hat to work. I think it makes me look like a spy from a WWII movie. When I wear it I feel all mysterious and glamorous. I was enjoying crossing campus in my hat, with my coat collar pulled up around my ears against the chilly wind and the hat brim pulled down.

Then, in the staffroom, one of the other teachers told me that my hat made me look like Mary Poppins. My self-image was rudely shattered, and my ego deflated like an old balloon.



S said...

Here's something to help at a little mystery come back to your hat -- well, at least a different image of Mary Poppins :)
I would still prefer the spy look from a WWII movie.

kenju said...

Aw, what does SHE know?? I'll bet you looked dashing in it!

Keera Ann Fox said...

What??? Mary Poppins' hat doesn't look a thing like a WWII spy hat! No spies ran around with flowers in their hats! (Did they?)

Tabor said...

did I miss the photo somewhere?

Megane~kun said...

I can imagine it already.

I usually feel good by my clothes too. Depending on what style I wore that day, I would change the way I walk, my speech and stuff haha.

A good music helps a lot on the visualization too.

Marry Poppins... LOL.

Violet said...

Was it the carpet bag and the big umbrella that did it?

Badaunt said...

S: That was a revelation to me. I have never actually seen the Mary Poppins movie, but if that trailer is anything to go by, gosh, it's nothing like the book, eh?

(hee hee)

Kenju: I needed to turn the brim up ALL THE WAY ROUND, according to a trusted friend, later. But when I checked in a mirror later... well, then I thought I DID look like Mary Poppins.

Keera: No flowers were involved. I promise!

Tabor: No photos were involved, either. I could not take a photo of what I imagined a WWII spy to look like, and none of the pictures I could find on Google Images did justice to the picture in my head.

You'll just have to imagine it. Something vaguely dashing and romantic, and ever so slightly scary.

(Or Mary Poppins-ish, apparently.)

Megane-kun: I find that colours help a lot, especially. Bright colours cheer me up. Black can make me feel ... more WWII-spy-ish.

Violet: Do you mean I shouldn't have been carrying an umbrella and carpet bag? Why didn't anybody TELL me?