Saturday, June 10, 2006

New Look

Today I had a list of things to do as long as my arm. There is homework to mark, a test to write, and various mundane housework chores. But I also seem to have caught yet ANOTHER cold. I felt like rubbish when I woke up.

So instead of working on my to-do list, I decided to redesign my blog, as you have no doubt noticed. I've been wanting to do this for a long time but didn't really know how to start. Today I got lucky. A quick Google search led me to a wonderful blog by Pam Blackstone, in which she gives easy-to-follow instructions for how to give a Blogger blog a three-column layout, and also how to change the header. For the next few hours I forgot I had a cold. I tweaked and fiddled and got hopelessly confused. I THINK the result was worth it.

Please tell me if you find anything wrong, but also, don't expect me to fix it quickly, because although I saved the old template for just in case things went wrong, at some point I cleverly pasted over it, and then hit the save button. I thought I was in the new template file, not the old one. The next time I do anything like this I will save TWO copies of the old template, because clearly one backup is not enough for me.

I'm not TOO sure about the header picture. That was supposed to be an experiment to see if I could do it, before I made the real one. Now that I know how I can change it easily I will keep an eye out for any suitable picture I can find, but for the meantime the crows will stay because I've run out of energy and want to have dinner.

The other addition is links to all the picture stories, down in the right sidebar. I was going to add a categories hack as well, which would take away the need for that, but it looked too complicated and I was too tired by then. Maybe another time.

Welcome to the new look!


Radioactive Jam said...

Very nice!
*two thumbs up*

Hope you're feeling better--

Robert said...

The new layout is very readable and clean--I like it. I've been reading your entries in a feed reader so might not have noticed the layout change if you didn't mention it!

Writer Mom said...

I love the new look, and thanks for all of the great 'fixer upper' links.
Blogger's been so unreliabe lately, I've considered making a switch to wordpress, but have resisted because I know enough about Blogger templates now to do all right.
I'm gonna toy around and see if I can get a new summer look.
Fun thing to do on a rainy day (since there aren't any birds around to take snapshots for picture stories).
I hope you're feeling better!

Wiccachicky said...!! I keep thinking I will tinker with blogger some more and figure some of these things out (like how to make links and stuff to blogs I read) but I never quite get around to it. Probably a summer project. :)

Ms Mac said...

It looks brilliant! Makes me want to redecorate!

(If I suddenly appear to have a three column log, yes, I have blatantly copied you!)

Kay said...

It looks, so, like, professional! Very nice pic of crow whispering latest to other crow...symbolic! Aren't symbols fun to play with. Love the look and the updated info---a true blog!

Kay said...

Oops--it always was a true blog, one of the best and The Real Thing--didn't mean that the way it sounded....

Fuzzball said...

I love the new look!!

Kevin B. said...

Looks good to me!

Lippy said...

It looks lovely - especially the title graphic! (grin)