Saturday, May 06, 2006


Today was the last fine day we'll have for a while, according to the weather forecast. It is going to be cloudy and rainy all week. It had already clouded over in the afternoon, and was windy, too. We also had another bout of kousa, the yellow dust from the Gobi desert. Apparently we had that yesterday, too, and going out for a bicycle ride probably wasn't such a good idea. I am still coughing from this cold, or perhaps it isn't a cold. Perhaps it is all caused by the kousa.

But today we went for a ride, too, to do some shopping, so I wore a mask. I also wore sunglasses, and looked as though I was going to either rob a bank or perform surgery in glaring light. The mask was a little too large and kept slipping, so I had to hold it on with my hand. I'll need to get some smaller ones if this dust business keeps up.

When we got home we noticed that our rose has produced its first bloom. I took a few photos but didn't get them quite right, and then the light was gone. The focus isn't perfect, but never mind. You get the idea.

These roses don't just look good, they are scented as well. When the plant is in full bloom it has huge clusters of deep red flowers that stop passers-by in their tracks, sometimes literally, because it is a very thorny rose and has a tendency to grab and not let go if you get too close. And it is easy to get too close, because it has escaped over the wall to get to the sun, and that is also where it blooms. When I want to see my roses I have to leave the house and go out on the road.

Maybe this year I'll remember to prune it.


tinyhands said...

It's not just focus, I think it's red saturation as well. I have the same problem with red & pinks on my camera (and I think many digitals). I haven't bothered to learn how to fix it yet although Photoshop can improve it a bit. (Feel better)

kenju said...

I think it is a very good photo; saturated red or not....LOL